Building Classrooms Centering Joyful Capable Children

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What We Do

TPP brings inquiry, inspiration, innovation and agency to PreK-2nd early learning environments. We transform practice to build on the assets of Oregon's young children so that their genius can flourish.

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What is inquiry?

Inquiry builds skills, habits, and dispositions linked to school and lifelong success. It is inherently engaging and motivating when authentically connected with children and drawing on children’s strengths and capabilities.

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What does it look like?

Our approach to inquiry is playful and intentional with purposeful design that integrates the arts, sciences, and core subject areas. Young children experience connection to each other and to the adults, pose questions, uncover possibilities, and creatively solve problems.

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How does it work??

TPP engages with school districts to introduce Playful Inquiry Approaches into early elementary settings (PreK, K) and to align those approaches up through the early grades.  We co-create plans that focus on transformation and change from the classroom to administration while building a community of practitioners.

Our Demonstration Districts

We nurture playful inquiry pedagogy through demonstration preschools with onsite observation, mentoring services, documentation, dialog, and reflection.