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You are the teacher of your own brain.

-Aaquib, age 5
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What is a Resource Library?

The Resource Library was created with educators in mind. It includes tools and stories from TPP collaborating classrooms and Opal School. We hope you’ll take inspiration from Aaquib and..."be the teacher of your own brain" as you explore these resources. This is for you.

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Are you new to Playful Inquiry?

If you are new to Playful Inquiry and want to learn more, WELCOME!  We have collected some digital resources from our library just for you.

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Collections are select digital resources centered around a particular concept. Our inspiration, that comes from you, leads us to gather resources around a question or idea that seems to be sparking wonder in educators we hear from. These groupings of videos, images, articles, stories were thoughtfully pulled together to help navigate our many resources in a smaller dose.

Explore our collections and let us know what else you’d like to see in the future!

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When we create guides with our school district partners, we want to share them with everyone. Here are some guides/tools for getting started on materials, documenting learning, setting up your environment, and more.

Want to see various Tools and Publications?  Click Here

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Go Straight to all the items in the Resource Library

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Do you have suggestions for the Resource Library?

If there are resources that have inspired you on your own journey with inquiry and playful learning that you’d like us to consider adding to our resource library please share at: