Field Guide eBook Version

Field Guide eBook Version

Playful Inquiry in the Early Years eBook Version

A Field Guide for Creating Inclusive, Inquisitive and Collaborative School Communities that Learn Together

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Teaching Preschool Partners is pleased to offer Playful Inquiry in the Early Years as a resource for teachers seeking to engage the curious, inquisitive and playful minds of all young children who enter early learning classrooms. The Guide holds the stories of teachers on their own journey into Playful Inquiry who embrace the following question as a framework for their work with young learners…

  • How does my classroom engage the active, curious minds of the young?

Playful Inquiry in the Early Years is a foundational resource for programs beginning or containing the journey of implementing Inquiry Approaches in early learning environments. The Guide offers insight, learnings, strategies, and opportunities for reflection to support new programs and deepen inquiry practices for more established programs.  It differentiates Playful Inquiry Approaches from other models of early learning and provides guidance for teaching professionals on how to engage as intentional co-learners and explorers with young children. The Field Guide provides and excellent orientation to new staff in inquiry-focused programs and an inspiration for all educators who hold a strong image of the child.

Playful Inquiry in the Early Years includes six chapters as well as sections on resources and other useful materials. The chapters explore a series of questions related to Inquiry Approaches, including…

  • What is playful inquiry in the early years?
  • What role does community building play in nurturing inquiry?
  • What kinds of environments and materials inspire playful inquiry?
  • How do curriculum structures support playful inquiry?
  • How can we support the social and emotional development of ALL children?
  • What does it mean to document Habits of Mind?

Ordering Information

Playful Inquiry in the Early Years is available for programs to purchase in conjunction with Teaching Preschool Partners’ professional development includes a demonstration copy of the Field Guide. Additional Guides are available at a cost of $200 a piece.  Field Guide orders in excess of 20 receive a 10% discount.  If you are interested in this discount. Email us at

About Teaching Preschool Partners

Teaching Preschool Partners (TPP) was founded in 2014 as a not-for-profit organization to develop inquiry-based demonstration preschool sites and offer professional development opportunities through active collaboration with public school districts and other education-related organizations that are committed to providing high quality early learning experiences for priority populations between the ages of three to eight years of age.


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