Suggested Classroom Materials List

Suggested Classroom Materials List

Suggested Classroom Materials List

We often go into schools and conduct workshops where people ask us where we get all of the interesting art materials we use. We’ve prepared the list below so that anyone who might be interested in adding more materials to their classrooms or preparing budgets to buy supplies has a starting place. We love feedback let us know if you have other ideas or suggestions for materials you like to have in your educational spaces.

Below you will see the list, if you’d like to download the pdf click here.  Suggested Materials List 



We hope that this materials list is useful to you in your practice. If you are new to Playful Inquiry or Teaching Preschool Partners, you might consider looking into our Field Guide which is an important reference to support practice. See below.

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Field Guide

With over a decade of research and development, we are pleased to offer our field guide called Playful Inquiry in the Early Years. The field guide illustrates the stories of teachers who embrace a Playful Inquiry approach with young learners.


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